Friday, 2 December 2011

Live the life of a king with luxurious vacation rentals at Sri Lanka

Holidays are a mode to rejuvenate a tired soul. You must have gone for trips since you were kids and things may not have had a lot of variety. Now if, you are planning one for yourself and your family, it will be a wise thought to decide on a bit different. If the same hotels and the regular sight-seeing have left you jaded, then choose a majestic life for the trip. It may sound expensive, but the exotic pleasure that a deluxe vacation rental offers of a must-experience. Vacation rentals have turned out to be a well acquainted term in the dictionary of tourism and travels, but many people are not aware of the lifestyle diversities that these private lodges can add to your trip.
On this trip, you can explore the plush greenery with by booking a sumptuous vacation rental on nature’s lap at Sri Lanka. These luxury villas’ delivers additional concierge amenities so that the holiday mood can go on a lively spree. You won’t have to carry your baggage, and you won’t have to do anything for yourself from the moment you arrive at your rented bungalow. You will have all the service conveniences of Queen Elizabeth; chilled champagne awaits you in crystal glasses when you arrive at the glamorous villa. You will have the opportunity to reserve your preferred services before you decide to visit and enjoy your stay to the fullest. You can also avail the private car services with personal chauffeur at your deluxe services. All you will have to do is to wake up at your cosy suite, get fresh, have your lavish banquet (that will be served at your dining hall) and adore the flora, as well as fauna of the country on you private car, accompanied with comfy and panache. The villas facilitate multiple boudoirs to conserve your romantic moments. The refreshing aroma of the spa is another benchmark accommodating feature of these vacation rentals. The lounge and the tropical emerald gardens along with the serene lily ponds set the elegance to the ultimate. Other extravagances of these deluxe cottages are sandy shorefront, splendid swimming pools and the pavilions fringed with lines of palms. If you are in the mood, to cook a continental dish and surprise your spouse, then the gourmet kitchen will make available all you need. You can spend your eves at the tennis court with your kids and cherish the closeness of your family.
You can feel free to relish the private, as well as treasured barbeque with a personal chef amidst the plush greens of the garden. The moment you step in the land of Sri Lanka, you will receive grandeur welcome with dance, bouquets, and fireworks. So, if you want to feel a remarkable born, then it’s high time that you go for this luxury vacation rentals and pamper yourself to the fullest. The authorities take enough care so that you can have the experience of an epoch. So, hold your breath to explore the magnificence of the hedonistic features that a posh vacation rental springs on you.

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